TX Hill Country First Ride to Medina, Leakey and two of twisted sisters RR-337 and RR-336


This picture faces east from the Old Timers store in Medina (where one can get gas, drinks, snacks, and a bathroom break).  Look for the road sign for RR-337 in the picture showing an arrow pointing to the left.

We rode this ~185 mile route on 12/31/16 Saturday, New Year’s Eve.  We rode TX-16 from Fredericksburg through Kerrville to Medina.  We took RR-337 E to Leakey.  Then we headed north on US-83 and took a left just out of Leakey onto RR-336.  In addition, we rode RR-337 E from Medina to Leakey on Jan 31st, and on Feb 1st, 2017, we rode RR-337 E to Leakey and back to Medina.

The ride from Kerrville to Medina on TX-16 is awesome!  When we rode it, there was construction at two points but that didn’t interfere too much with the ride.  The road surface was smooth asphalt in the sharp curves.  There will be rumble strips on the roads before two sets of the sharpest curves and you can use these strips to warn you to downshift just before those curves.  I will write in more detail about the TX-16 route from Kerrville to Medina in another post titled “Texas Hill Country Favorite Ride”.


Sign posted on RR-337 E before curves from Vanderpool towards Leakey.  Mike has a sick sense of humor (don’t worry no humans were injured in photo).

RR-337 E between Vanderpool and Leakey has lots of sharp curves that would be a blast, but the road has a chipseal surface so the bikes can slide around, and some curves can have gravel.  The presence of chipseal and gravel was a disappointment;  we could not ride very aggressively through the curves.  Therefore not as much fun.

RR-336 had very little gravel and good curves closer to Leakey.  There were cattle guards on the road.  As one rides closer to TX-41, the road surface get rough making the bike swivel around almost like having a back flat tire.  I would recommend riding this road (RR-336) at a conservative speed at least the first time it is ridden.  We rode RR-336 again Feb. 10, 2017, and still had the same opinion of it.

After riding RR-336, you can take a right at the stop sign onto TX-41 (with 75 mph speed limit)!  There are several options for getting back to Kerrville: 1) take TX-41 to TX-27 – this is the route shown below.  It is the most direct but the most boring; 2) Take TX-41 then take a right onto US-83 at the blinking light, go 9 mile, then take a left onto RM-39, a good riding road with some fun curves following the Guadalupe River which will take you back to Ingram, or 3) Take a right onto TX-41 then take a right onto RM-1340 which will also take you back to Ingram.

Below is the route in detail:

Left onto TX-16 to Kerrville;  Go 21 mi.

Stay on TX-16 S/Sidney Baker St/ Medina Hwy to Medina;  Go 22.8 mi.

Right onto FM337 W/Ranch Rd (RR)-337 to stop/yield sign  Go 20.2 mi.

Right onto RR-187 N/RR-337 in Vanderpool;  Go 1.1 mi

Left onto FM337/RR-337 to stop sign in Leakey; Go 16.2 mi  85 mile to here

(In Leakery turn left onto US-83 S for gas; go 0.3 mi)

(For food, turn right or left onto US-83 N in Leakey)

(We ate at Lala’s Mexican restaurant; turn right onto US-83 N from blinking light; restaurant will be on left)

To get onto RR-336, Right onto US-83 S at blinking light;  Go 1.5 mi

At fork, keep Left onto RR-336 N;  Go 26.5 mi

Right at stop sign onto TX-41 E;    Go 9.1 mi

Straight to stay on TX-41 E crossing over US-83; Go  21.4 mi

Right onto TX-27 E @ blinking light/stop sign.  Go 11.4 mi

Left to stay on TX-27 E;  Go  2.7 mi

Straight onto TX-27 E;  Go  6.3 mi

Left onto TX-16 N to Fredericksburg corner of TX-16 N and E Hwy S; Go ~24 mi 


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