I have always been interested in finding the best roads to ride, but most descriptions of motorcycle roads in magazines and web sites do not include riding routes and or the road quality and fun factor of the ride.   This blog was begun to describe just that for riding routes from our travels.  I am just starting to add the GPX files for each route so you can download the file into your Garmin and follow the Garmin’s directions on a ride. In addition I will try to add a new route every week or so, so please check back often.

Our travel adventure started January 2017 with heading out west to Fredericksburg in the Texas Hill Country.  See the https://www.butlermaps.com/motorcycle-road-maps/texas-hill-country-map/“>Texas Hill Country Butler map for the map that was used to generate riding routes for this area.

Our second stop was March 2017 at Fort Davis, TX, located ~100 miles north of Big Bend National Park.  The roads near Fort Davis were in pretty good shape, were curvy with magnificent views and traffic was light.

Our third stop was in Safford, AZ so we could ride the Coronado Trail.  Although we ended up not riding the complete trail we did find other roads that were pretty good.

We then traveled east to Harrison, AR. There was fantastic riding to be done in the Ozarks. See the https://www.butlermaps.com/motorcycle-road-maps/ozarks-map/“>Ozarks Butler map for a map to map out your route.

We are now spending the Summer and Fall riding the Blue Ridge Mountains and other locations close by.  See http://americaridesmaps.com/“>America Rides Maps for detailed maps of great roads in this area.

If you are planning a visit to any of these areas, please check out the detailed routes I have posted.  Scroll down and find older posts if you don’t find what you are looking for in the first few posts.  The posts describe roads and include routes and maps and eventually GPX files that should benefit your ride plans.  Have fun!


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