Day for riding with critters near the roads-White Oak Rd, Loop of TX-39 and FM-1340


We didn’t set out today (Jan 16,2017) to find roads that had lots of animals nearby, but that is just what happened.  White Oak Rd off RM-2093 (Tivydale Rd), a side road near Fredericksburg, has cattle guards and loose cattle in places although we didn’t see cattle.  We did see a deer that had jumped a fence and was trying to get over a taller fence on the other side of the road.  He didn’t seem too frightened of us.  Once we were on TX-39 we saw four black hogs that had been shot and placed by the side of the road, then we saw a variety of exotic animals behind ranch fences, some pictured above.  We started back to Ingram on FM-1340 and had several deer cross right in front of us.  Our emergency braking practice sessions came in handy when that happened!  Once we got home, Mike noticed I had a nail in my tire (pictured above).  Thanks goodness my tire didn’t blow when we were going 80 mph on TX-41!  This is my 5th flat tire in my riding career.  With previous flat tires, our portable tire inflater and tire plugs have allowed us to keep riding after ~15 min of tire repair, but this time, Mike had the luxury of repairing the tire once back at the RV. Thanks once again Mike.  TX-39 and RM-1340 are good roads but watch for water and trash on roads if it has rained hard and keep an eye out for those critters!  The detailed ride route is shown below:

Fredericksburg to Ingram, TX-39 and RM-1340 Loop to Hunt   160 mi total

Hwy 16 S to Tivydale Rd.    Go 1.1 mi

Right on Tivydale Rd.  Go 9.8 mi

Left onto White Oak Rd.  Go 0.9 mi

Right to stay on White Oak Rd.  Go 4.7 mi

Right to stay on White Oak Rd.  Go 5.4 mi

Left onto N RR-783.  Go 4.7 mi

Straight onto Harper Rd.  Go 5.8 mi

Right onto TX-27 W.  Go 4.6 mi

Straight onto TX-39 W to stop sign.  Go 36 mi  75 mi to here

Right on US-83 N (gas at corner with TX-41).    Go 9 mi

Right onto TX-41.  Go 7 mi

Right on FM-1340 to Hunt to stop sign.   Go  ~25 mi

Left on TX-39 past Ingram.  Go ~10 mi

Left onto Harper Rd at stop light  just after Chili’s restaurant.  Go 5.8 mi

Enter I-10 at Exit 505 heading east.  Go 3 mi

Exit I-10 on the right at Exit  508

Left at stop sign onto TX-16 N.  Go ~25 mi


Marianne in Ingram, TX at the Easter Island statue with Stonehenge II in the background.  Both statuaries were the idea of Al Shepard and were designed and constructed by Doug Hill circa 1990.

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