Texas Hill Country Favorite Ride

For over a month, we have been riding in the Texas Hill Country.  Our home base has been out of Fredericksburg, TX.  The one ride that we ride at least once a week has become our favorite ride.  It is close, can be ridden in less than a half a day, and has some challenging curves with a good road surface.  Many times we ride it back and forth and then back and forth again (and sometimes back and forth one more time)!  It is TX-16 from Kerrville to Medina.  The details are shown below:


Starting at intersection of Lower Turkey Creek Rd/ RM-2771 and TX-16

Head south and stay on TX-16 S for 17 mi into Medina.

There are two sets of sharp curves.  Both sets are marked with two sets of rumble strips.  The first set of rumble strips is ~5 mi into the ride.  When you cross over the rumble strips, downshift before the first curve in each set and enjoy the ride!

There are two sets of rumble strips to warn riders of the sharpest curves. When you get to the rumble strips, downshift!


How is this for a blind curve, right then left arrows!


Here’s Marianne at a pretty lake/pond close to Wallace Creek off TX-16 on the way to Kerrville from Medina, TX.

For gas, Vallero gas station is on the right ~quarter mile south of RM-2771 and there is gas at Old Timers in Medina

For extra fun, turn around at the Medina Children’s Home or the Hill Country RV Resort and go back on TX-16 to the Vallero gas station outside of Kerrville.  At the gas station, turn around and head back to Medina on TX-16.  Then turn around and head back to Kerrville on TX-16.

Good stops in Medina:

Old Timers Gas Station Food Mart – good rest spot for drinks, snacks, gas, bathrooms

The Old Timer in Medina near the start of RR-337 has gas, bathrooms, fountain drinks with crushed ice, quick snacks, Twisted Sisters T-shirts and a friendly atmosphere.

The Apple Store – The patio café, one of or favorite lunch stops, has great sandwiches for lunch.  The Apple Store has its own bakery and whole grain bread is available for all sandwiches including hamburger buns for hamburgers. If you like pickles, you’ve got to ask to have their super delicious Wildfire pickles on your sandwich.

Mike eating a healthy hamburger with a freshly baked whole grain bun at the Apple Store in Medina, TX.



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