Riding Twister Sister roads Part 2: RR-337 W and RR-335

We went back to Leakey, TX to finish riding all of the Twisted Sisters (RR-337 W and RR-335).  We again ate at La La’s, a Mexican restaurant, that seems pretty popular in Leakey.  The Mexican food for lunch sure is good.  La La’s also prepares breakfast all day.  After lunch, we headed south to the intersection that has a blinking light (US-83 and RR-337). We took a right onto RR-337 W and rode to Camp Wood.  (Notice in the ride route reported below that since we ate at LaLa’s which was north of RR-337, we headed south to get back to the blinking light and then took a right.  The ride route says take a left onto RR-337 W because RR-1050 is south of Leakey).  This section of RR-337 (RR-337 W) seems the most well maintained, and it was very enjoyable being able to ride a bit aggressively through the curvy part.  Once in Camp Wood, we hung a right onto TX-55 and at Barksdale we took a right onto RR-335, another Twisted Sister road.  RR-335 is 29 mi long and has a lot of good curves.  Although there was some gravel and rocks on the road, it wasn’t too plentiful, but we had to be slightly more careful when riding these curves.  This road, RR-335, does have amazing scenery.  Unfortunately, there is no where to stop on the side of the road to take pictures.  We are too safety conscious to stop our bikes in the middle of the road and get off for photo opportunities.  We rode TX-39 E on our way back into Ingram.  TX-39 connects to TX-27 which connects to TX-16.  TX-39 was a pretty fun ride with lots of curves and not too much traffic. In addition, the roads we took to get to Leakey (TX-16, RR-470, RR-187, and RR-1050) were nice.  As previously stated in another post describing RR-337 E and RR-336, TX-16 from Kerrville to Medina is awesome with some very sharp curves.   Below is the complete ride route that we took from Fredericksburg, TX:

Head south on TX-16 S through to past Medina for 61 mi.

Right at RR-470 through Tarpley.  Go 29 mi.

Left onto RR-187 to Utopia.  Go ~4 mi.

Right onto RR-1050 to US-83.  Go 15 mi.

Right onto US-83 N to Leakey.  Go 9 mi.  About 120 mi to here.

(There is gas and food in Leakey)

Left onto RR-337 W at blinking light to Campwood.  Go 21 mi.

Right onto TX-55 to Barksdale.  Go 4 mi.

Right onto RR-335 through Vance to TX-41.  Go 29 mi.

Right onto TX-41 E.  Go 22 mi.

(There is gas at the corner of TX-41 and US-83)

Right onto US-83 S.  Go 9 mi.

Left onto TX-39 to Ingram.  Go ~35 mi.

Straight onto TX-27 to Kerrville.  Go ~6 mi.

Left onto TX-16 N to Fredericksburg.  Go ~25 mi.

This ride was a total of 270 miles.


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