Taking the Long Way to Clayton, GA (from Franklin, NC)

It is less than 25 mi to get to Clayton, GA from Franklin, NC.  Just follow US-23 S from Franklin.  It is totally straight and full of traffic but it will get you there quickly.  This post shows the long leisurely route of a little under 50 mi using US-64 E to Higlands then NC-28/GA-28 to Warwoman Rd.  Warwoman Rd will take you directly into Clayton.

There are at least two waterfalls along US-64, Dry falls and Bridal Veil Falls, where you can park and take pictures.  There is a drive under Bridal Falls, and you can park your bike under the falls and take a photo.

Bridal Falls in 2012

US-64 has beautiful scenery with lots of fun twisties on a good road surface, but there can be lots of traffic so be psychologically prepared for a potential slow ride.  US-64 will take you straight into Highlands, NC where you will turn onto NC-28 S.  Highlands has plenty of ritzy restaurants but we have always liked to continue onto the fun NC-28/GA-28 where we encountered little traffic.  The turn onto Warwoman Rd is a sharp right.  Look for a road sign indicating an upcoming side road which will be Warwoman Rd.  Warwoman Rd will be twisty for about the first two miles then it will settle down into a mild fairly straight ride with views of farms and horse pastures.  Clayton, GA has plenty of restaurants and gas stations for taking a break.

If you want to drive an additional 12 mi heading south on US-23, you will reach Tallulah Falls.  It is a short hike to the Falls and you get to climb up and down a bunch of stairs and walk over a swinging bridge.

A portion of Tallulah Falls in GA

Map for riding to Highlands via US-64 then riding NC-28/GA-28 and Warwoman Rd to Clayton, GA

Map Route from Franklin, NC to Clayton, Ga using US-64 through Highlands then NC-28 to Warwoman Rd

Route for Franklin to Highlands via US-64 then to Clayton via  NC-28 and Warwoman Rd

Southwest on US-23 S/ US-441 S  Go 3.5 mi from Sanderstown Rd

Exit for NC-28/US-64 E towards Highlands/ Franklin.  Go 0.3 mi.

Left onto NC-28 S/US-64 E/ Highlands Rd.  Go 14.4 mi to Bridal Falls on left.

Continue in same direction (south) on US-64 E.  Go 2.6 mi into Highlands.

Right onto S 3rd St/ NC-28 S.   Go 0.2 mi.

Right onto NC-28 S/ S 4th S.  Go 5.8 mi entering GA.

Straight onto GA-28 S.  Go 5.7 mi (look for sign showing upcoming side road before your next turn).

Sharp Right onto Warwoman Rd.  Go 14.0 mi into Clayton , GA.


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