Spivey Gap Road/ US-19W

Spivey Gap Road (US-19W) is a local favorite that starts southeast of Erwin, TN and twists around (and I mean twist but of course really fun twists) until it crosses the TN/NC border.  After another 1.2 mi of riding in NC, the Appalachian Trail crosses over the road. The curves then become a bit more gentle as the road follows and gives great views of the Cane River.  US-19W ends at US-19E about 5 miles west of Burnsville, NC.    Although US-19W heading south won’t take you to a specific destination, it can be included in a ride in order to bypass I-26 if you want to get to Burnsville, NC or Mars Hill, NC.  Other roads can then be ridden from either of those locations.  If heading north on US-19W, the road will end about 5 mi north of Erwin, TN.  See the second map and directions for a route from Big Laurel Rd to the south south of US-19W.  In addition, it is easy to get to I-26 from either end of this section of US-19W.  The road surface is in good condition, but look out for possible gravel and/ or mud around the blind curves especially if the area has recently had a hard rain.  Here is the map for this section of US-19W:

US-19W is great fun ridden from either direction. The arrows point from north to south.

US-19W from I-26 Exit 40

Take Exit 40 for Jackson Love Hwy on right  Go 0.3 mi to stop sign.

Left onto TN-36 S  Go 0.2 mi

Right onto Temple Hill Rd  Go 0.1 mi to Gas station on  left

After gas station break, continue southwest on TN-36 S/ Temple Hill Rd  Go 4.8 mi

OR, instead of taking Exit 40, use Exit 43:

US-19W from I-26 Exit 43

Take I-26 Exit 43.     Go 0.3 mi to stop sign.

Left onto US-19W S  Go 0.1 mi to stop/yield sign.

Right onto US-19W S  Go 1.1 mi.

How to get on US-19W/Spivey Gap Rd from either I-26 Exit and ride to US-19:

Turn Left onto US-19W S/ Spivey Gap Rd   Go 6.5 mi entering NC

Continue on US-19W S for another 1.2 mi and you will see the Appalachian Trail crossing

Continue straight on US-19W S for another 20.3 mi.

Right onto US-19W N  Go 0.4 mi to stop sign.

Right onto US-19 S  Go 10.7 mi to get back to I-26 Exit 9.

To get to Mars Hill, head west under I-26 overpass for 0.5 more mi

Merge onto I-26 E  Go 1.4 mi to the next exit

Exit on I-26 Exit 11   Go 0.2 mi to stop sign

Left  onto NC-213 W  Go 0.9 mi

Right onto N Main St, Mars Hill.  Go 110 ft to get to downtown restaurants

To get to Marshall from Mars Hill, turn around in downtown, and go ~100 ft.

Right onto NC-213 W/ Cascade St  Go 7.3 mi.

NC-213 W will turn into Hayes Run Rd in Marshall, NC.

If you want to go to Burnsville, NC for lunch, choose the Garden Deli.

Instead of making a right onto US-19W N and going 0.4 mi then turning right onto US-19 S,

Turn Left onto Cane River School Rd/ Old US-19E N  Go 0.7 mi

Right onto State Rd 1126  Go 249 ft

Left at 1st cross street onto US-19E N  Go 4.5 mi to stoplight.

Left onto S Main St  in Burnsville.  Go 413 ft to stop/yield sign.

Right onto Town Square (one-way road) and follow the oval around to the Garden Deli.

Route 2 – Getting to US-19W from intersection of Big Laurel Rd and US-23-ALT:

Getting to US-19W from Big Laurel Rd

From Big Laurel Rd stop sign at intersection with US-23-ALT,

Right onto US-23 ALT S  Go 1.0 mi

Left onto Laurel Valley Rd  Go 3.5 mi

Straight/Left onto Windy Gap Rd  Go  1.6 mi

Left onto US-19 N  Go 4.4 mi

Left onto US-19W S  Go 0.4 mi

Left to stay on US-19 W entering TN  Go 28.1 mi to stop sign

Right onto US-19W N  Go 1.1 mi to I-26 Exit 43

Turn left to get onto I-26 entrance

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