Rogersville to Sneedville via TN-66 then back to Rogersville via VA-70/TN-70

When you are ready to tackle a challenging fun curvy twisty road, try TN-66 from Rogersville to Sneedville, TN.  It is more challenging riding it from Rogersville to Sneedville, and if you don’t want to ride the entire route detailed below, you can just turn around at Sneedville.  For some reason, riding TN-66 back to Rogersville from Sneedville is easier.  A good place to take a break is at the Clinch River Market gas station close to the stop sign on TN-66 in Sneedville.

Clinch River Market gas station for a break.

Alternately, if you want extra miles, once you get to the stop sign on TN-66 in Sneedville, head straight onto TN-31 and ride it to US-11W.  Turn around at the gas station on you right once you get to US-11W and go back to Sneedville.  TN-31 is not described in the detailed route shown below, but this road is easy to find and if you do ride it, it will add about 20-25 miles to your ride depending on where you turn around.

Before you get to Sneedville via TN-66, you will ride TN-347 to Rogersville, TN.  O’Henry’s is a really good restaurant for lunch in Rogersville and its location is described in the route directions.  After lunch or if you do drive straight through, no lunch, you will continue straight and turn right onto Sneedville Pike Rd at the TO GO Mart.  The road, Sneedville Pike, is not marked so look for the mart and turn at that intersection (as shown in the picture below).

Turn right at road just after the TO GO Mart to get onto Sneedville Pike Rd. Then take the 1st left turn and ride a few 100 ft to stop sign. Then turn right and you are on TN-66.


The other roads described in this route are also challenging (TN-63 from Sneedville) and fun (VA-70/TN-70).  To get onto VA-70 in Jonesville, you will turn right at the stoplight with a right turn sign for US-58 East.  See the picture below for more detail.

when you see the sign for US-58 EAST, turn right at the next stoplight.

Once you are back to Rogersville after riding the extraordinarily fun VA-70/TN-70, you will be glad to take a break riding good old straight US-11W East that heads back to I-26 and the Johnson City area.  I bet you will be happy you tried it!

Note that the route map has been divided into three sections in order to show more detail of the roads.  The Section 1 map is the start and finish of the route.  The Section 2 map shows the roads that will get you to Rogersville via TN-347 and back to Johnson City from Rogersville via US-11W.  The Section 3 map will show you the route for TN-66, TN-63, and VA-70/TN-70.

Getting to Rogersville and back, Map 1
Details of getting to Rogersville and coming back through Rogersville after riding TN-70.
Route for TN-66, TN-63, and Va-70/TN-70

Detailed Route Description To Rogersville then TN-66 to Sneedville then TN-63 to US-58 and VA-70/TN-70

From I-26 W, Exit on Exit 13 for TN-75/Bobby Hicks Hwy/ Suncrest Dr  Go 0.2 mi to stoplight

Left onto TN-75 S  Go 7.8 mi to stop sign

Right onto TN-81 N  Go 5.4 mi

Straight onto TN-93 N  Go 4.9 mi passing under  I-81 overpass

Left onto Murrell Rd  Go 2.1 mi to stop sign

Left onto TN-347 W/ Lone Star Rd  Go 3.3 mi

Left at fork to stay on TN-347 W   Go 11.9  mi to stop sign

Straight to stay on TN-347  Go 9.1 mi to stop sign in Rogersville

Straight at stop sign onto Main St.  Go 1.0 mi to O’Henry’s Restaurant on right.

Park in parallel parking on Main St or turn right at next stoplight and park in back in parking lot behind buildings.

After lunch continue west on E Main St  Go 0.9 mi

Right onto Sneedville Pike at To Go Mart  Go ~500 ft

1st Left (unnamed road) toward TN-66   Go ~500 ft to stop sign.

Right onto TN-66 N/Trail of the Lonesome Pine  Go 23.7 mi to stop sign in Sneedville.

(Caution TN-66 between Rogersville and Sneedville is very twisty with many very sharp curves)

Right onto TN-31 N/ TN-66 N  Go 0.1 mi

1st Left onto TN-33 S Go ~150 ft to Clinch River Market Gas station on left.(Good stopping point for gas, bathroom, drinks)

From gas station, right/east onto TN-33 N  Go 150 ft to stop sign.

Left to stay on TN-33 N  Go 1.1 mi into Sneedville.

At 2nd stoplight, Left onto College St/ TN-63  Go 5.2 mi to stop sign

Right onto Brown Town Rd/ Mulberry Rd/ Mulberry Gap Rd  Go 2.1 mi.

Continue straight onto Flanary Bridge Rd as you enter VA  Go 6.9 mi to stop/yield sign

Right onto US-58 E  Go 5.2 mi into Jonesville (gas station on your right in Jonesville)

Right at stoplight onto US-58 E  Go 0.6 mi

Road will curve to the left then Right onto VA-70 S/Trail of the Lonesome Pine Rd.  Go 11.9 mi.

Straight on TN-70 S  Go 2.6 mi to Kyles Ford.  River Place on the Clinch (in Kyles Ford) on your right sells snacks and drinks.

Continue on TN-70 S for 16.6 more mi.

Straight onto TN-347 E in Rogersville.  Go 0.2 mi

Left onto E Main St (See sign for US-11W N)  Go 0.3 mi to stop sign.

Right to merge onto US-11W N.  Go 24.8 mi.

Get in right lane to enter I-26 E entrance ramp.  Go 0.3 mi

Merge onto I-26 E  Go 12.5 mi

Exit on Exit 13 for Bobby Hicks Hwy/ TN-75 N  Go ~0.2 mi

Right at light to head east towards airport on TN-75.


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