You gotta do the Pig Trail (AR-23)!

We didn’t get to ride the Pig Trail this year because rainy weather came in to the area so we left a day early.  We have ridden it in past years and it is great fun.  The road surface is in good condition and there are plenty of entertaining curves.  There is gas only at the beginning (Huntsville, AR) and end (around Ozark, AR) of the trail so plan accordingly. We have ridden the detailed route described below, but we didn’t ride it this year so be aware there may be changes.  The road can get some traffic with cars and large trucks; we were planning on riding it during the week thinking the traffic would be reduced but local riders may have a better idea of when to ride it.  We did ride AR-23 north of Huntsville in one of our other rides, and there is lots of traffic on that section of the road. The section north of Huntsville is not included in the route described below.   I do hope you get a chance to ride this road.

Pig Trail from Parker’s RV Campground  to Ozark, AR- ~110 mi

Southeast on US-412 E/ US-62 E/ US-65 S  Go ~1.5  mi

Right onto  Airport Rd/ Industrial Park Rd       Go 1.7 mi

Right onto  AR-397 S    Go 1.0 mi to stop sign.

Left onto AR-392 S/AR-397 S  Go 0.2 mi

1st Right onto AR-397 S  Go 1.0 mi

Right onto AR-43 S  Go 27.5 mi

Right onto AR-21 N  Go 9.4 mi

Left onto AR-74 W in Kingston  Go 14.0 mi

Left onto AR-23 S  Go 16.1 mi

Right onto AR-16 W/ AR-23 S  Go 1.9 mi

Left onto AR-23 S  Go 4.8 mi

Right onto AR-23 S  Go 14.6 mi to White Oak Grocery & Station

Or continue on AR-23 S to I-40 Travel Center which will also have gas

Continue another 3.2 mi to US-64/ W Commercial St In Ozark

Left onto US-64 to many restaura

Pig Trail from Ozark, AR to Parker’s RV – 110 mi

Turn around on US-64 W/Commercial St        Go 0.9  mi

Right onto AR-23 N/ N 18th St  Go 27.6 mi

Right onto AR-16 E/ AR-23 N  Go 3.9 mi

Pass St. Paul then 2 Sharp rights onto AR-16 E/AR-23 N     Go 34.3 mi

Left onto AR-21 N  Go 11.2 mi

Straight onto AR-43 N    Go 27.5 mi

Left onto AR-397 N  Go 1.0 mi

Left onto AR-392 N/ AR-397 N    Go 0.2 mi

Right onto AR-397 N    Go 1.0 mi

Left onto Industrial Park Rd  Go 325 ft

Industrial Park Rd turns right and becomes Airport Rd for another 1.6 mi

Left onto US-412 W/ US-62 W/ US-65 N    Go 1.3 mi




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