Fast Intense Exciting Ride to Clarksville via AR-21 and then back to Harrison via AR-123

We have had some great rides in Arkansas this year, and this was our last ride for our Arkansas trip.  We left a day earlier than planned due to expected rainy weather. This route was a fantastic way to finish off our 2017 riding in the Ozarks.  AR-21 was recommended by one of our Parker’s RV Park neighbors who was the president of the local Ducati Club.  He had spent a lot of time working with and racing Ducatis in his younger years so if he recommended a road, it would most likely be a good one.  AR-21 did not disappoint. We had ridden AR-123 in previous years and knew it was a great road.  Both roads had plenty of curves and could be ridden fairly quickly due to a mostly good road surface. (After riding the bumpy roads in Texas, almost any other road feels good!)  I added a comment about 10 mph switch backs on AR-123 in the detailed route description below.  Probably even a pro rider would take it easy on these switch backs, but the switchbacks are a good way to practice looking through the curve!  We skipped the very last part of AR-123 and turned left at AR-74 to head into Jasper (where there is gas) to get a drink and then to enjoy riding AR-7 N.  That part of AR-7 N is really fun but there can be traffic so it is hit and miss whether you get to lean through the curves.  The picture shows the Buffalo River in Jasper.  There are many prettier views of this river but this was taken at the local gas station where we got a drink.  The total trip is about 180 miles, but it goes fast since there is virtually no traffic on AR-21 and AR-123. I hope you get to enjoy this route; it was really a thrill to ride.


The detailed riding route is shown below:

Parkers RV →AR-21→Clarksville

RT US-65 S to get gas  Go 1.7 mi

Head north on US-65  Go ~0.5 mi

Left Airport Rd/ Industrial Park Rd     Go 1.7 mi

Right  AR-397 S  Go 1.0 mi to stop sign.

Left AR-392 S    Go 0.2 mi

1st Right AR-397 S , Go 1.0 mi to stop sign.

Right AR-43 S   Go 27.5 mi past Ponca.

Straight AR-21 S  Go 11.2 mi

Right AR-16 W/ AR-21 S  Go 8.6 mi

Left AR-21 S  Go 8.1 mi

As you go through Ozone, the Burger Bar restaurant is on left.

Keep left to stay on AR-21 S     Go 20 mi to stop sign in Clarksville.

Right onto Main St/ US-64 in Clarksville     Go 1.1 mi to restaurant.

El Molcajete , Clarksville, AR will be on your right.  83 mi to here.

To get gas, continue on Main St/US-64; gas will be on your right after ~0.5 mi.

Back to Parkers RV from Clarksville via AR-123

Left/ east from restaurant onto E Main St/ US-64    Go 1.0 mi

Left onto AR-21 N  Go 3.0 mi

Right onto State Hwy 292     Go 3.7 mi to stop sign.

Left onto AR-123 N/ AR-164 E    Go 2.7 mi

Left onto AR-123 N  Go 27.2 mi

Left onto AR-7 N/ AR-16 W/ AR-123 N in Sand Gap     Go 3.4 mi

Right onto AR-123 N  Go 19 mi

Watch out for ~2 miles of 10 mph switch backs on this portion of AR-123!

Left onto AR-74 W before Piercetown  then another left to stay on AR-74 W for  9.7 mi

Right onto AR-7 N in Jasper     Go 12.1 mi

Left onto State Hwy 206  Go 7.2 mi

Right onto AR-43 N  Go 3.4 mi

Left onto AR-397 N  Go 1.0 mi

Left onto AR-392 N/AR-397 N     Go 0.2 mi

Right onto AR-397 N  Go 1.0 mi

Left onto Industrial Park Rd/Airport Rd     Go 1.7 mi

Left onto Us-65 N  Go 1.3 mi

Left into Parkers RV  97.6 mi to here from Clarksville


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