Short fun 122 mile loop south of Harrison, AR includes AR-43, AR-74 from Ponca to Jasper, AR-7 S, AR-16, AR-21, and AR-103

This is a great shorter ride that includes some really fun roads.  We stopped for lunch at the Arkansas House Inn and Cafe in Jasper.  This cafe has sandwiches and salads and serves Elk burgers.  I had to get a picture of Jesus in a space suit hanging on the wall in the cafe.  Jesus_space_suit

This route has scenery of the Buffalo River plus curvy roads, another great ride in the Ozarks!  See the detailed route below:


122 mi loop from Parker’s RV

Head southeast on US-412 E/ US-62 E/ US-65 S    Go 1.3 mi

Right onto Airport Rd  Go 1.7 mi

Airport Rd turns left at 1.6 mi and becomes Industrial Pk Rd

Right onto AR-397 S  Go 1.0 mi to stop sign

Left onto AR-392 S/ AR-397 S  Go 0.2 mi

1 st Right onto AR-397 S  Go 1.0 mi to stop sign

Right onto AR-43 S  Go 23.2 mi

Left onto AR-74 E in Ponca  Go 14.0 mi

Right onto AR-7 S/ AR-74 E/ Court St in Jasper   Go 0.2 mi to Arkansas House Inn and Cafe

Continue on AR-7 S/ Court St  Go ~0.1 mi

Left onto AR-7 S/ Stone St in Jasper  Go 14.5 mi

Keep Right and go right to continue on AR-16 W to Deer  Go 3.6 mi

Right onto AR-16 W in Deer (gas here)  Go 9.4 mi

Right onto AR-21 N  Go 11.2 mi (road surface a little torn up)

Straight onto AR-43 N  Go 8.9 mi

Left onto AR-103  Go 12.0 mi

Right onto US-412 E  Go 10.7 mi

Right onto US-412 E/Main St in Alpena (gas and snack at Subway) Go 6.3 mi

Right onto US-412 W/ US-62 W/US-65 N  Go 1.5 mi

Right into Parker’s RV


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