Push Mountain Road, AR-341, near Big Flat, AR

If you are planning on riding in the Ozarks on the Arkansas side, Push Mountain Road is one of those must-do rides.  We rode it early April, 2017, using AR-14 to get to AR-341 and back to Harrison, AR.  We did almost run out of gas because the gas stations in Harriet and Big Flat were closed.  There is gas close to Harrison, in Yellville, at Wild Bill’s Outfitters (cash only) which is 14 miles east Yellville on AR-14, and gas on AR-5 3 miles south of AR-341.  Gas stops are explained in more detail is the route description below.  Ar-14 is a nice road, in good shape and has easy big curves at first then fun curves the closer the ride gets to AR-341.  Push Mountain Road (AR-341) is a blast.  Two-thirds of the road has a good road surface, and the last third of the road is getting re-paved so by summer 2017, the entire road will have a great surface.  There are only a few cross roads and very little traffic.  This makes it easy to lean into the curves without having to worry about oncoming traffic.  You will still have to be aware of deer crossing the road.  We saw plenty deer beside AR-341 and AR-14.  If you love curvy scenic roads I highly recommend this ride; it is a good start for a four days of riding near Harrison, AR.

Detailed riding route:

Parker’s RV campground→ Push Mtn Rd and back, 113 mi one way

Right/ Southeast on US-412 E/ US-62 E/ US-65 S     Go 1.7 mi

Shell gas station on right before  stop light.

Left onto AR-43 at stoplight.  Go 2 mi.

Left on AR-7.  Go 19 mi to stop sign.

Left onto US-62.  Go 0.5 mi

Right onto AR-14 E  Go 23.5 mi to stop sign in Yellville (70 mi to here)

Shell gas station and Subway on left before stop sign

Left at stop sign in Yellville to stay on AR-14/US-412 W/ US-62 W Go 0.3 mi

Good BBQ/catfish restaurant on right

Right on AR-14 in Yellville to stay on AR-14  Go 23.5 mi

Left to stay on AR-14 E in Harriet  Go 14.0 mi

Gas (cash only for regular only)  at Wild Bill’s Outfitters just before Big Flat

Left to stay on AR-14 E near Big Flat  Go 4.5 mi

Left onto AR-341 N/ Push Mtn Rd  25.3 mi

For lunch or gas, Right onto AR-201 S/AR-341 N     Go 0.9 mi

Right on AR-5 to stay on road to Norfork Café  Go 1.1 mi

The café is on left with gas station 2 mi south of café. (112.5 mi to here)

Turn around; head west  Go 3.1 mi

Left onto AR-201 N/AR-341 S  Go 0.9 mi

Left onto AR-341 S  Go 25.2 mi

Right onto A-14 W     Go 4.5 mi

Left onto AR-14 W/ 2nd in Big Flat  Go 9.2 mi to Wild Bill Outfitters for gas (cash only)

Continue stay on AR-14 W  Go 14.1 mi to Yellville

Left onto AR-14/US-412 W/ US-62 W  Go 0.3 mi

Right onto AR-14 (at Shell station)  Go 23.5 mi

Left onto AR-7 S    Go 19.0 mi

Right onto AR-43     Go 2.0 mi

Right onto US-65 N to campground  Go 1.7 mi

Alternately, if you are on the south side of Harrison and want to get to Yellville a little faster, From US-65, head east onto US-412 E/ US-62 E.  Go 23 mile to Yellville.  Go 0.3 mi after Shell station (good BBQ/cat fish restaurant on right) then take the right to get out of Yellville.

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