Three Way, AZ Intersection Connecting Safford to AZ/NM-78, AZ-75, and US-191 N

If you plan to ride the Coronado Trail (US-191 N) from Safford to Alpiine, you must first get to the Three-Way intersection (US-191, AZ-75, AZ-78).  At this intersection, there is a gas station on the left that sells , cash only, regular and premium gas.  Across the street from the gas station is a fast-mart type store named “Three Way” that sells snacks and drinks with ice in them.  There are no bathrooms at the gas station or at the store.  However there is a ranger station directly behind the store that has picnic benches, a water fountain and rustic bathrooms.  It is best to drive to the ranger station/ rest area by going south at the stop sign then the very next left into the ranger station.  There are places to turn around once you get into the rest area.

There is a good restaurant called Gi-Mee’s exactly 3 miles south on AZ-75 from the gas station.  AZ-75 it is on the left.  The restaurant sells breakfast lunch and dinner on Sat and Sun.  It is closed on Monday.  It is open for lunch and dinner Tues through Fri.

Alternately, you can continue south on AZ-75 and it will dead end in Duncan about 15 to 20 miles from Three Way.  Take a left at the stop sign in Duncan for the gas station, and there are restaurants whether you take a left or right at the stop sign.  The detailed route is shown below:

Safford to Three Way

From Safford, Right/ West on US-191 N/US-70 E  Go ~10.0 mi.

Left onto US-191 N at the fork of US-191 N/US-70 E.

Go 24 mi to stop sign;  this is the Three Way intersection.



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