AZ-78/ NM-78, Great Road with Lots of Curves and Fantastic Scenery


A view from the AZ-78 overlook.  The picture doesn’t do the view justice.  You have to see it for yourself!

AZ/NM-78 is 35 mi west of Safford, AZ.  It was our favorite ride in the area.  We didn’t ride too many different roads while we were in Safford because it took a lot of time just to get to any road.  We won’t stay in Safford again for that reason.  The road surface on AZ-78 is pretty smooth but bumpy in some sections.  The scenery is awesome, and there are many challenging curves with little traffic and it is a fun ride.  We could lean our bikes over in the curves, always a plus.  The road consists of 15 miles in AZ and 10 miles in NM.

NM-78 dead ends at US-180.   US-180 north of NM-78 is supposed to be a good road to ride.  We did not get the opportunity to ride it.  We would have needed to leave super early and have a plan for getting back late to Safford for that ride.  The detailed route for riding AZ-78/NM-78 is shown below:

Go to the Three Way intersection stop sign (route described in a previous post).

Straight onto AZ-78.  Go 15 mi.

Straight onto NM-78.  Go 10 mi.

Turn around when NM-78 dead ends at US-180 and return to the Three Way intersection.  Get a drink at the Three Way store.  You earned it!  The map is shown below.



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