Quick 60 mi Ride from Fort Davis, TX to Toyavhale near Balmorhea, TX

I wanted to give you a feel for TX-17 S, north of Fort Davis, so we rode it Wed, March 15, 2017.  Although TX-17 S is a major exit out of Fort Davis, it wasn’t very busy.  It is a little curvy but the curves can be fun because the road can be ridden a little faster and the surface is in good shape.  The route has great scenery and cooler weather than Fort Davis. If you want to make the ride a little longer, continue on to Balmorhea, have lunch, then return.  Just remember to fill up in Fort Davis before you start.   The detailed route is shown below:


Fort Davis→TX-17 N→Toyavhale→turn around after 32 mi→TX-17 SFort Davis – 64 mi

At intersection of TX-17 and TX-118 in the south side of Fort Davis

Head north on TX-118 N/ TX-17 N/ State St.  Go 1.3 mi.

Right onto TX-17 N.  Go 30.8 mi to Toyavhale (near Balmorhea, TX)

Turn around at stop sign or turn around before the sign.

Return to Fort Davis riding 30 mi on TX-17 S.


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