I wanted to give you a feel for TX-17 S, north of Fort Davis, so we rode it Wed, March 15, 2017.  Although TX-17 S is a major exit out of Fort Davis, it wasn’t very busy.  It is a little curvy but the curves can be fun because the road can be ridden a little faster and the surface is in good shape.  The route has great scenery and cooler weather than Fort Davis, and you will ride over Wild Rose Pass.  There are two picnic areas one before and one after Wild Rose Pass.  If you want to make the ride a little longer, continue on to Balmorhea, have lunch, then return.  Just remember to fill up in Fort Davis before you start.   The detailed route is shown below:


Fort Davis→TX-17 N→Toyavhale→turn around after 32 mi→TX-17 SFort Davis – 64 mi

At intersection of TX-17 and TX-118 in the south side of Fort Davis

Head north on TX-118 N/ TX-17 N/ State St.  Go 1.3 mi.

Right onto TX-17 N.  Go 30.8 mi to Toyavhale (near Balmorhea, TX)

Turn around at stop sign or turn around before the sign (Once speed limit goes to 70 mph the road straightens up).

Return to Fort Davis riding 30 mi on TX-17 S.


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