Last Ride in the Texas Hill Country

The last day of Feb 2017 and then the following year March 8, 2018, was our last ride in the Texas Hill Country for each year.  We rode our “Favorite Ride” at least once a week.  It is described in a previous post.  We are planning on coming back to the Hill Country next year.

For all you riders thinking about riding in this area, it is one of the few places that has nice roads and weather in the winter.  Roads out of town have little traffic.  The people in cars/ trucks are really nice and very very polite to motorcycle riders letting riders pass, always using their turn signals, staying in their lane even when the road is curvy, and keeping a lookout for motorcycle riders.

There are some roads that have curves but one must ride many miles to get to the curvy ones. Most of the roads have a chipseal surface that quickly wears down tires so make sure you have fresh tires when you come.  The chipseal surface is also bumpy, but the bumpiness will help riders practice keeping their body weight off their handle bars and knees tightly on the gas tank.  It also can be windy, but again keeping the weight off the handle bars will reduce the feeling that one’s cycle is out of control in the wind.

We also discovered that there is a track days track in San Marcos called Harris Hill Raceway.  If you are interested in that kind of riding, google it and you can get contact information.  We also stopped by Destination Cycle, a motorcycle dealership off Loop 534 (3341A Loop 534, Kerrville, TX 830-896-2453) in Kerrville. They were very helpful and it is always fun to look at bikes and gear and see the latest Kawasaki and Yamahas; they also have used bikes.

There are plenty of web sites describing restaurants and tourist destinations for this area. The posts of the Texas Hill Country in this blog mainly has focused on the motorcycle routes for the area. I hope the detailed routes described here will help you plan your trip.  Wishing every rider the best time while visiting the Texas Hill Country!

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