Side Roads near Fredericksburg, TX

Most motorcycle riders really like side roads, but we have discovered that we are not big fans of side roads, those roads without a center line, near Fredericksburg, TX.  Although all side roads have been paved in Gillespie County, the roads do not have a smooth surface and many have cattle guards.  Therefore riders must go pretty slow (10-20 mph) most of the way so it takes a long time to go short distances and gets pretty boring.  The ride is also not relaxing because a rider must be constantly aware of the presence of sand and debris and cattle that might be on the road.  Wild animals are also a potential hazard (as they are on all Hill Country roads).  Sometimes the road has beautiful scenery though.  For example, we hear that the Willow City Loop route detailed below has an abundance of flowers in the Spring and is known to be extraordinarily beautiful.  Don’t take our word for it though so please try at least one side road if you are riding in the Hill Country.  I would be interested in knowing if there are any side roads that are actually fun to ride.  We did ride a few side roads and the routes of all the side roads that we did ride are shown below.

The one side road with the least debris was Old San Antonio Road;  this road had the most car/truck traffic and there were plenty of critters (dead and alive) besides the road.  In addition, Old Tunnel State Park with the Bat Cave is on this road.

Old San Antonio Road from Sisterdale

From Sisterdale, head northwest on RR-473 W.  Go ~ 7 mi to stop sign.

Right onto Old Rd 9/ Old San Antonio Rd. Go ~18 mi.

Left onto US-290 W.  Go 5.7 mi to Main Street / downtown in Fredericksburg

Old San Antonio Rd from US-290 E in Fredericksburg

From US-290 E and Friendship Ln,

Head east on US-290 E and go 0.9 mile.  Old San Antonio Rd is well marked.

Right onto Old San Antonio Rd/ Old Rd 9.  Go ~18 mi.

Take a left onto RR-473 E towards Sisterdale OR

Go straight onto RR-473 W which will take you into Comfort.


Willow City Loop

There is private property on the every side of this entire road so a rider is trespassing  if he or she stops the bike on the side of the road.  other than that the road surface is not smooth, has pot holes,sand  and has cattle guards with cows in road.  The road is curvy though. The route is shown below:

From Fredericksburg, Main St/ US-290, head north onto Llano Rd/ TX-16 N.

Go ~18 mi.

Right onto Willow City Loop.  12.9 mi

Right at stop sign onto FM-1323  3.0 mi

Left onto TX-16 S back to Fredericksburg  13 mi


Schneider-Moellering Rd

We rode Schneider-Moellering Rd to get from RR-965 out of Fredericksburg to RR-648 in Hill Top.  (The total route will be described in another post.)  If we want to ride RR-965 and RR-648 again, we will not include this side road in our riding this route.  The Schneider-Moellering Rd route is described below:

From TX-16 and Main St (US-290) in Fredericksburg, but we will not plan on riding this

Left on Main St. Go ~¼ mi.

Right on Milan St/ RR-965.  Go 12.2 mi.

Left on Keese Rd (this road is well marked but the turn is after a curve so watch cars behind you)

Go 240 ft.  Left on 1st street which is Gypsum Mine Rd.  Go 1.2 mi.

Right onto Schneider-Moellering Rd.  Go 6.1 mi to stop sign.

Left onto RR-2323.  go 6.2 mi to stop sign.

Left onto US-87 to get back to Fredericksburg.

The side road of White Oak Road is a way to get from Fredericksburg to Kerrville or vice versa.  FM-783 is a fairly good road to ride though.

FM-2093/ White Oak Rd/ FM-783 from Fredericksburg

From Fredericksburg TX-16 and E Hwy Street intersection

South on TX-16 S; Go 1.1 mi to RM-2093/ Tivydale Rd stoplight (gas here)

Right on FM-2093/ Tivydale Rd  Go 9.8 mi

Left onto White Oak Rd  Go 0.9 mi

Right to stay on White Oak Rd  Go 4.7 mi

Right to stay on White Oak Rd  Go 5.4 mi

Left onto N RR-783  Go 4.7 mi

Straight onto Harper Rd.  Go 5.8 mi under I-10 overpass

Right onto TX-27 W  ;  Go 4.6 mi to Ingram

At stoplight, you can go straight onto TX-39 W or right to stay on TX-27 W

FM-783/Harper Rd/ White Oak Rd/ FM-2093 from Ingram

Head east on TX-27 E from Ingram.  Go 4.6 mi.

You will pass a Chili’s restaurant on right.  At the intersection with stop light, that has a Chic Filet on the left, turn left onto FM-783/ Harper Rd.  Go 5.8 mile under I-10 overpass.

Stay on FM-783 4.7 more miles

Right onto White Oak Rd.  Go  12. 1 more miles staying on White Oak Rd.

At stop sign, Right onto FM-2093/Tivydale Rd.  Go 9.8 mi to stoplight (gas here).

At stoplight, turn right onto TX-16 into Fredericksburg OR go straight onto Friendship Ln into Fredericksburg.

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