RR-965, RR-648, and RR-783 are supposed to be pretty good roads to ride so we had to try them out.  We had previously driven a car using RR-965 to get to Enchanted Rock State Park and already thought it might be fun.

We took a hike at Enchanted Rock State Park, so worth doing if you like to hike.

RR-648 was also a fun road because it was in pretty good shape and had some interesting curves.  RR-783 was not in great shape, had a bumpy surface and plenty of cattle guards, but it was tolerable.  The map of the riding route to Harper shown below includes the side road, Schneider-Moellering Rd, which I have discussed in a previous post.  Briefly, Schneider-Moellering Rd was no more special than any other side road that we have ridden.  It did include Canyons Off-Road which looked like an off-road park that might be interesting to check out if there are any riders out there with off-road transportation.  The detailed description of the ride route includes the route from Fredericksburg, TX to Harper, TX and back to Fredericksburg.  If we were going to ride these roads again, we would take RR-965 to Enchanted Rock, turn around in Enchanted Rock.  You can enter the park and turn around in the parking area used for purchasing tickets to the park.  There are no bathrooms at that location however.  Then head back to Fredericksburg on RR-965.  Once back in Fredericksburg, turn right on US-87; drive 10 mi to Hilltop, and turn left on RR-648.  Then you can turn around in Doss (or before as the road straightens out) and head back to Fredericksburg on RR-648.

It’s pretty easy to find turn-around spots once RR-648 straightens out.

If you want to ride RR-783, continue to Harper using RR-783.  In other words, out of the roads in the riding route described below in this post, I liked RR-965 and RR-648 the best!


To Harper, TX  and back to Fredericksburg, TX via RR-965, RR-648, and RR-783, 90 miles total

From the intersection of Adams St (TX-16 ) and Main St (US-290) in downtown Fredericksburg,

Go east on Main St (US-290) for 0.5 mi.

Right onto S. Milan St/ RR-965.  Go 2.5 mi.

Straight onto RR-965. Continue for 9.7 mi.

Left onto Keese Rd. Go 240 ft. (This left turn is right after a curve; give cars behind you plenty of notice of your turn.)

First Left onto Gypsum Mine Rd.  Go 1.2 mi.

First Right onto Schneider-Moellering Rd.  Go 6.1 mi to stop sign.

Left onto RR-2323.  Go 6.2 mi to stop sign or light (can’t remember which).

Right onto US-87 N.  Go 1.7 mi to Hilltop.

Left onto RR-648.  Go 11.5 mi to stop sign.

Left onto N RR-783 in Doss.  Go 14.2 mi to stop light in Harper.

Right onto US-290 W.  Go 0.5 mi to Longhorn Café (on right).  It is ~55 mi to here.

After lunch turn around and head east on US-290 E   Go 0.5 mi.

Left onto N RR-783.  Go  14.3 mi.

Right onto RR-648.  Go 11.4 mi to Hilltop.

Right onto US-87 S.  Go 9.5 mi back into Fredericksburg.

Use left 2 lanes to turn left onto US-290 E/ US-87 S.  Go 1.5 mi.

Right onto Adams ST/ TX-16  in Fredericksburg. (40 mi after lunch; 90 mi total)


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