Lunch Run to Mague’s cafe in Boerne, TX with some fun roads heading back to Fredericksburg

We heard from locals living near Boerne that Mague’s cafe was the best Mexican restaurant in the area serving authentic Mexican food.  Mike and I both love Mexican food so we had to try it.  This route is a shorter ride (~120 mi total) to take a lunch break at Mague’s cafe and then ride some of the more curvier roads that head back from Boerne to Fredericksburg.  Mague’s cafe was very good and had a busy lunch crowd.  The roads back to Fredericksburg were fun but nothing challenging.  If we decide to go to Boerne again, we will take FM-1376 to Sisterdale, then take a left onto FM-473 then take a right onto FM-474 to get to Boerne.  FM-474 is really fun because it has some pretty nice curves, but note that in February 2018, FM-474 was under construction and was down to complete dirt in some sections.  FM-1376 (Sisterdale Rd) is pretty straight and riding it for 34 mi into Boerne is boring.  Of course, no deer popped out at us on the road this time to get the adrenaline going, but I don’t want that kind of excitement! The detailed route is shown below:

To Boerne for lunch at Mague’s café then FM-474, RM-473, Cypress Ck Rd, TX-16 – ~120 mi total


In Fredericksburg at US-290 and Friendship, turn right onto US-290 E.  Go 3.6 mi.

Right onto RR-1376 passing Luckenbach.  Go 21 mi through Sisterdale.

Straight on RR-1376/ Sisterdale Rd. Go 11.7 mi to BUS-US-87 stop sign in Boerne.

Left onto N Main St/ BUS-US-87.  Go 0.5 mi to Mague’s Café on right. [~50 miles to here]

After lunch, continue southeast on N Main St/ BUS-US-87 in Boerne.  Go 0.7 mi.

Left onto FM-474/ E. Blanco Rd at stop light with Exon station on left after light. Go 1.1 mi.

Left onto FM-474/ Nesser Rd at stoplight. Go 14.7 mi.

Left onto RR-473/ RM-473 W.  Go 6 mi to stop sign.

Right on RM-473 W in Sisterdale.  Go 0.9 mi.

Left onto RM-473 W.  Go ~7 mi to stop sign.

Left onto RM-473 W.  Go ~7 mi to Comfort.  You will pass under I-10 and cross over BUS-US-87.  Go straight through first stop sign (which is Front St) in Comfort.

Turn right at second stop sign onto TX-27 W in Comfort.  Go 0.3 mi.

Right onto Broadway (which is the road after Main St).  Go ~0.3 mi.

Broadway changes into Cypress Ck Rd at fork in road then later changes to FM-1341.  Go straight at fork; do not turn right. Go 17 mi.

Right onto TX-534 Loop in Kerrville.  Go 0.6 mi getting into right lane.

Right onto TX-16 N.  Go 24 mi to Fredericksburg.


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