Killer ride, Combining Park Road 4 and Lime Creek Road

Combining the ride to Park Road 4 and Lime Creek Road makes sense coming from Fredericksburg.  Unfortunately, it takes >50 mi to get there and to get back.  Whew, it wore us out, killer ride.  The total mileage was only 250 mi, but it felt like we rode 350 mi instead.  Why?  The area of Texas combining these two roads is very populated so there is a lot of stop and go traffic.  Plus being in a new highly populated area, we were always on the lookout for our next turn.  Some of the roads that were very enjoyable were:

1) Park Road 4 with Inks State Park nearby – some fun curves

2) RR-1431 – a fast highway but had some fun curves if you are not behind a slow moving vehicle

3) Lime Creek Road/ RM-2769 – curvy with some fun sharp curves BUT located in neighborhoods so had to watch out for cross traffic.  RM-2769 had construction at very end.

We rode this ride on Jan25, 2017 for a total of 225 miles.  The detailed route is shown below.

From Fredericksburg, take TX-16 N to Llano.  Go 39 mi.

Right on TX-29 in downtown Llano after crossing over bridge.  Go 20 mi.

Right on Park Road 4 after crossing over bridge.  There will be a small square white sign pointing to road.  Go 16 mi.

Right on Us-281 S to Go 8 mi to Marble Falls.  Marble Falls is a populated town, plenty of places for lunch and gas. 85 mi to here so far.

Left onto RR-1431 Go 33 mi through Jonestown (another spot for gas).

Right onto Anderson Mill Road which is well marked.  Go ~ 3 mi.

Right onto Lime Creek Road.  Go ~8 mile. Follow signs for Lime Creek Rd.

Lime Creek Road will dead end in Volente, so turn left onto RM-2769.  Go ~8 mi.

Right onto RM-2769 for another mile or so to stoplight.

Right onto RM-620.  Go 17 mi to Bee Cave.  This is a very busy road, with plenty of restaurants and gas stations, but most of them are on the left side of the road.

In Bee Cave, Right onto Bee Cave Parkway.  Once on the Parkway, get into left lane because right lane must turn right after 1 mi.

Go straight at stoplight crossing over TX-71 onto Hamilton Pool Road.  Go 7 mi.

Left onto RR-12.  Go ~8 mi to stoplight in Dripping Springs.

Right onto US-290.  Finally the traffic will recede on this road

You can continue on US-290 to Johnson City and stay on US-290 to Fredericksburg (a total of ~50 mi).

OR, you can continue with the route below to get to Fredericksburg:

Right onto RR-3232 1 mi past Henley.  Go 7.0  mi to Pedernales State Park.

Left onto RR-2766.  Go 9.0 mi to Johnson City.

Left onto US-290 W.  Go 31.0 mi to Fredericksburg.

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