Fredericksburg to Luckenbach, to loop around Sisterdale and Boerne, to Comfort, and to Kerrville, 120 mi

Daytime in Luckenbach is pretty quiet. Probably nights with concerts could be fun and crazy.

This route doesn’t have any crazy sharp curves so it is just relaxing and a good way to see the little towns around Fredericksburg and Kerrville.  The detailed route is shown below:

From Fredericksburg

Right onto US-290 E/E Main St.     Go 3.6 mi

Right onto RR-1376.  Go 21 mi.

(To get to Luckenbach, turn right at “Luckenbach Town Loop” sign after about 4 mi on RR-1376).

Left onto RM-473 E.  GO 6 mi

Right onto FM-474.  Go 13.8 mi  46.5 mi to here

FM-474 turns into N Esser Rd in Boerne.  Go 0.7 mi

Right onto River  Rd/ TX-46.  Go 0.8 mi

Right onto S Main St.  Go 1.2 mi

Left onto N School St/ FM-51 (at the corner of ALT-US-87 and Sisterdale Cutoff.  Go ~0.1 mi

Maggies Café  (Mexican restaurant) is on the left

Turn around and head north on N School St.  Go 12.1 mi

Left onto RM-473 W. Go   12.5 mi

Right onto TX-27 W  in Comfort. Go  0.3 mi

Right onto Broadway, the first road after Main St. Go  0.3 mi

Broadway turns left and becomes Cypress Ck Rd/ 1341.  Go 16.6 mi

(Note your Garmin may call this  road several different names)

Right onto TX-534 Loop N. Go  1.1 mi,   93 mi to here

Right onto TX-16 N/Fredericksburg Rd. Go 25 mi.   118 mi to here


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